13 July 2007

Eragon, the fantasy Star Wars

******** SPOILERS AHEAD ********

I got it, Eragon is the fantasy version of Star Wars. Why?
Well let's see:

Eragon, the young boy who want's to see the world, finds a "rock" bla bla bla,
and he finds out that Brom, the village "story teller" is actualy a Dragon Knight.

Brom = Oby-Wan

Brom teaches Eragon (Luke) the begining of using maginc (the force).
After some time, he sees Brom (Oby-Wan) die. Like in Star Wars.

On the seccond book, Eragon goes to train, so the old Elf who hidden from the Empire... so the Elf is actualy Yoda. We can also say that Saphira is the Lightsaber, and of course Murtagh is Leia, and Luke, ups...I mean Eragon finds that the EVIL GUY is acutaly his father.


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